Public committee for the control of corruption cases in Russia - Борьба с коррупцией в России - Общественный Комитет
Общественный комитет по контролю за делами коррупционной направленности и реализации программы Президента РФ

Профилактика и борьба с коррупцией в России

Программа профилактики и борьбы с коррупционными преступлениями | Поиск в БД:

Public committee for the control of corruption cases in Russia

Public committee for the control of corruption cases in Russia

We offer to develop and introduce a program of anti-corruption education of the younger generation in educational institutions. A new Russian citizen should not perceive corruption as bad or good, but should be principled on this issue. For him, the propensity for anti-corruption behavior must be instilled at the "genetic" level. The main problem of corruption in Russia is not officials, but people themselves, education of the principles of anti-corruption behavior, raising and understanding of honor and dignity, and the importance of responding to their descendants. Education of anti-corruption Principles in the young or even preschool generation is the key to complete victory over corruption in Russia.

"Corruption is an obstacle to Russia's development. Today, officials, judges, law enforcement officers, and deputies at all levels are required to submit declarations of income and expenses, the availability of real estate and assets, including foreign ones. Now information about contracts and contracts that state and municipal employees plan to conclude with the firms of their relatives, friends, and close persons will also be subject to disclosure. A situation in which there are signs of personal interest or a conflict of interest should immediately fall into the zone of increased attention of regulatory and law enforcement agencies and, of course, civil society"

According to our laws, corruption is unacceptable and is strictly punished by the relevant authorities. But, the laws are written, does not mean they are executed, so many people suffer from this very corruption. The problem is that the mentality of our people allows us to introduce corruption in completely different areas. Many ordinary citizens without the need for special spheres of influence, are convinced that corruption can solve a variety of issues.
Under such favorable circumstances, corruption is fully developed in our country. The common citizen may not be able to eradicate it, but he might be able to resist it. There are many different instances where you can apply in case of corruption. First of all, these are law enforcement agencies. They are not so rare to catch corrupt officials on the hot, although even more often do not catch, but maybe because they are not addressed so often.

For example, the "Public Committee for monitoring corruption cases in the Russian Federation" also performs its public work, also accepts anonymous complaints from citizens, and reviews and conducts many cases related to this topic. In this case, it helps investigative authorities filter out "domestic" appeals. We redirect the real facts of corruption activities to the appropriate investigative state structures.
Sometimes, people are afraid to contact the authorities. This is what the corrupt officials are counting on. They hope to get their way quietly, without making anything public. Outwardly, they are clean and honest and want to remain so in the face of their superiors, as well as colleagues. No extra checks, no suspicions they do not need, extortionists, even if they were justified, would still lose credibility with their superiors, and would also become suspicious in law enforcement agencies. By resisting them, you are giving it to all the corruption, so you should never give up and go along with the extortionists.

The Program "Promoting"

We believe that another highly effective way to fight corruption is "public control" within the framework of Federal law No. 212 over the work of officials, state projects, public procurement and contractors. Public control over state officials would increase the efficiency of their work at times, would reduce the corruption component to a low level, depending on the density of public attention to this object. All public inspectors should adopt this control program.

Our organization has developed and is implementing this highly effective program of public control over state officials (the "incentive"program). We prove that this program is highly effective and vital in our country. Until society takes up the anti-corruption impact and begins to understand that the problem of corruption should be solved personally by every citizen of Russia, we will continue to stand still reproaching the authorities for inaction to the corruption situation in the country.

Organization - Public committee for the control of corruption cases in Russia

Public Association of citizens - Public Committee for control of corruption cases and implementation of the program of the President of the Russian Federation (hereinafter: Public Committee)-
at the moment, it is a social movement, since article 30 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation - establishes the ability of citizens to unite and defend their collective interests. This ensures the development of civil society institutions. Thus, one of the forms of realization of this right is a social movement.
The public Committee serves as a voluntary Association of citizens based on common interests and common goals.
The public Committee is not Pro-opposition public movement against the current government of the Russian Federation and adheres to the principle of the implementation of its activities in the legal field for the benefit of the state and civil company, and in order to avoid creating prerequisites for the destabilization of the internal situation in Russia.

Participants of a public movement join it on the basis of their own beliefs and desires corresponding to the activities of the Public Committee.

Corruption has long been quite common. However, even today, not everyone fully understands and understands the true meaning of this word. In this regard, we will try to analyze all the nuances. What is the meaning of the word "corruption"? The definition is quite ordinary.
Corruption is the mercenary use by an official of his official position for personal enrichment.
Corruption is a dangerous phenomenon. It causes significant harm to both the individual and the state as a whole. Corruption infringes on the rights of citizens, undermines democracy, violates the principles of legality, has a close connection with organized crime, does not allow healthy competition to develop, and causes huge damage to the market economy.
There are a number of crimes that can be called corrupt with full confidence. These include:
- fraud;
- misappropriation of other people's property and its embezzlement;
- abuse of office
- taking bribes.

In turn, we will consider several existing types of bribes. They are:
1. Business (most often there are payments for speeding up a process).
2. Inhibitory (payments for the suspension of certain processes).
3. Direct bribes (making payments for certain types of services). This type of service can include obtaining loans, renting out premises, and paying non-legal pensions. This list will be supplemented by corruption in sports and business.
Corruption is characterized by such a property as latency. This means that not all cases of bribery are registered by official criminal statistics.
The greatest danger is the link between corruption and organized crime. After all, the leaders of the criminal environment not only participate in the division of profits received from criminal business, but also are the organizers of their own business. Money funds (otherwise community funds) are used for bribery, blackmail, and physical elimination. Criminals have corrupt connections in the state apparatus, management structures, and law enforcement agencies.
Due to the scale of the spread of corruption in Russia, measures have been developed to combat corruption, which is an adverse phenomenon for society and the state. These include:
- income declaration ;
- conducting inspections ;
- reform of the tax system ;
- monitoring public opinion on the problem of corruption ;
- specialized training for the fight against corruption ;
- decrease in the number of the state apparatus ;
- ensuring the security of persons engaged in the fight against corruption.
If all these measures are followed, it is possible to significantly reduce the number of corrupt crimes that occur, and in the future prevent their occurrence altogether.

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